UPS System / Introduction
Powercom is a leading provider of power protection products since 1987.  Powercom designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS systems for end user, business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANs, cash register/POS systems, office telecommunication equipment and global communication networks. In addition, Powercom offers a complete line of power monitoring and shutdown software for most of operating systems.
As an international firm with ISO 9001 certificate, Powercom is keenly expanding to provide its customers with better and better complete power solution worldwide. Investing twice as much as our competitors into research and development provides a steady stream of innovative new products. Powercom's UPS products range from the low-cost stand-by UPSs and line-interactive to true on-line series. Compact and user friendly design and above average run time is incorporated into the design of all Powercom products.
Powercom's competitiveness is not only derived from hardware design but also from unique software research and development. Powercom's in house design software, UPSMON Plus Network allows network managers to utilized Powercom's on-line and line-interactive UPSs to monitor the battery, power load, Input and output AC voltage and other conditions from color monitors screen. The software displays bar and meter graphs with different colors including the status of the UPS is monitoring. Moreover, the system will automatically notify user should there is a power problem occur.
In 2007, Powercom expanded its business field in solar products by invested in TGE company for solar cell production, and also established Powercom's own solar module production lines at the year end. Nowaday, Powercom has 45MW solar module production capacity with US and Japanese automatic equipments to enhance to production efficiencies. By providing PV module and PV inverter such perfect combination, Powercom has successfully brought the perfect total solution to our customer with outstanding performance solar products.

Powercom has been serving many global corporations for many years. Powercom knows how to work with clients by experience. From previewing the prospective product to offering an approach to product lines, each developing process is carefully followed and every product has to pass sophisticated engineering and reliability tests to meet client's demands. Powercom, an ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturer with an over 19-year solid record, welcome inquires of distributing Powercom products as well as building OEM/ODM business partnerships together all over the world. Whatever your requirement is,you will find that Powercom is your complete power solution.

Taipei Headquarter: Powercom Co., Ltd Add. : 9F, No. 246, Lien Chen Road Chung Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. TEL: 886-2-2225-8552FAX: 886-2-2225-1776 , 886-2-2226-0537
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