Company/ Future Vision
Since its establishment in 1987, Powercom is focused on providing complete power solution to customers all over the world.With its mission statement, "UPS Technology Pioneer and Power Safeguard", Powercom's revenue is stably growing 20-30% per year.  

On the Eve of Year 2006
Powercom expanded its business tentacle to solar industry and devoted a lot of resources in solar business.  And now, Powercom is the only company in Taiwan who can produce solar module and PV inverter as the complete solar solution for customers.
Powercom will also continue to present new UPS models with better performance and lower cost in a timely manner. Besides working with its current OEM/ODM partners and long-term brand name distributors. Powercom will pay more attention to UPS emerging markets such as Mainland China and India and explore more business opportunities in Germany and UK. Powercom aims to become the leading brand name of Home UPS in Taiwan and extend its success to the rest of world.

Marching into the 21st century, Powercom with full confidence and tireless effort is advancing its research and development on complete power solution, expanding production capacity and enhancing its leading image on micro UPS and home UPS.  Powercom will also complete the vertical integration in solar supply chain by providing solar products from PV inverter, solar module, solar cell, and polysilicon materials.

Taipei Headquarter: Powercom Co., Ltd Add. : 9F, No. 246, Lien Chen Road Chung Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. TEL: 886-2-2225-8552FAX: 886-2-2225-1776 , 886-2-2226-0537
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